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The Start of Feminine Financials

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the very first blog post!

Overview: I am a single mother with a passion for spreading the word on Financial Literacy in terms anyone can understand.

As much as I want to get started right away - making YouTube videos, creating great, informative content, I am getting the fundamentals down exactly. I am working on getting this website up and running smoothly, waiting on a new webcam for your viewing pleasure;), and creating a game plan for what topics I will discuss.

I had some wonderful friends and family reach out with their feedback about my first two YouTube videos (THANK YOU), and I took all that information to heart, and I am implementing an action plan. The next video should have far greater content than the first two combined.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and let's conquer our goals together!

-Rebecca of Feminine Financials

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