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My "Why" Behind Teaching Personal Finance

When you're young, just starting... or when you're drowning in debt wondering how you got here... it might seem impossible to imagine financial success.

But, it's not impossible. Just like anything else - a weight loss journey, career development, personal development - it just takes time, small steps, and perseverance. You can do this.

If someone told me five years ago that I would one day be without financial worry (in fact, financial CONFIDENT), sitting on six-figure net worth, just watching my money grow for me one day, I would not believe them. But I set small goes, kept pushing, and here I am.

I want others to have someone in their corner cheering them on for their future financial milestones because it is just a matter of time.

That's why I am here; that's why I am doing this. I started my YouTube channel as your guide, cheerleader, and confidence booster.

Your goals are just a matter of time away and a few sacrifices here and there. However, I can guarantee that if you stick with it, you won't have to make nearly as many sacrifices in the future.

Thank you for reading!

-Feminine Financials

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